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Cornerstone has a flawless process for NYC expediting. This process involves and requires great attention to detail and complete understanding of the client’s needs.

1.  Conduct initial research and interview the client to better understand what services they need.

2.  Assignment to a Project Manager. The Project Manager will be in constant communication with you, keeping you informed and updated on your project at all times.

3.  The Project Manager prepares, monitors, and circulates all filing documents and fees

4. The Project Manager tracks the entire approval and permitting processes.

The work can begin!

“Our process allows you to focus on your business while confidently leaving the tedious work to us.”

Stop delaying projects and paying expensive fines.

Cornerstone is New York City's premier expediting and building code consulting firm. We have two decades of unparalleled experience with NYC building codes, which guarantees our clients receive the highest level of personal attention.

In addition to expediting paperwork, we serve as the catalysts for your construction projects. Our design expertise will make sure your designs are up to code, correcting deficiencies along the way. We even help you win approvals and comply with the law after the fact.

We are the leaders in knowledge. Know-how.


And Results.

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The Process